Targeted Campaigns & Segmentation

Create highly relevant campaigns for various user types.

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Filter Subscribers & Target Campaigns

The filters parameter targets notification recipients using an array of JSON objects containing field conditions. OneSignal can auto-tag your users by the page they were on when they subscribed to notifications and/or by notification topics they've shown interest in.

OneSignal integrates with all commonly used data management platforms, so you can filter by user data you've already collected.

Brian Jackson
We had everything up and running in a matter of 15 minutes and in less than 3 months of using OneSignal, it was already our third highest organic traffic source!

Auto-Target By Usage

OneSignal has four built-in segments: All (every subscribed), Engaged (frequent visitors), Active (recent visitors), and Inactive (it's been a while).

We recommend you set up automated messages to reengage users when they become inactive, send more messages to engaged users, and create special offers to turn active into engaged users.


Save and Automate

Once you set up segments, you can send one-off pushes customized for that type of user. Supersize your push strategy by saving segments and building automated drip campaigns for users in each segment.

For example, Evino uses segments to target customers based on what type of wine they've previously purchased, how much they typically spend, and their location data.